Beginagain #3 – The Ride

Morning, everyone!

Today’s Beginagain is a picture prompt.

Write the first thing that pops into your head but only write three sentences!!!

Now, answer these questions in your head:

  1. Where are they going?
  2. Where have they been?
  3. Who are they?
  4. The little girl asks a question, what is it?
  5. The man asks a question, what is it?
  6. Who is taking the picture?
  7. There is a tragic scene the day before this picture was taken. Does this change your thinking? Mood?
  8. There will be a happy occasion the day after this picture is taken. Does this change your thinking? Mood?
  9. Now, look at this picture and try to get inside the mind of an observer who never had this kind of experience. Write his or her reaction to this small scene.
  10. As a Christian writer, what are the implications of a ride on the Father’s shoulders?

Now, write. Share if you wish. Drop me an email at and let me know how the writing turns out.

2 thoughts on “Beginagain #3 – The Ride

    1. Kristy Horine says:

      Like it! (And Daddy’s making noises because it was somehow 90 degrees in September and we had just eaten a Labor Day feast!) Blessings on your own writing endeavors. I checked out your website. Cool! You are welcome to guest post here if you want. Just email me at Thanks for stopping by!

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