Begin Again #4 – Falling Into Story

I wrote a poem once about Fall.  It goes like this:

The Leaves

Dry, brown against brown
beyond my room.
I hear the whispers …
Open windows and they talk:
a shifting, sliding, rustling in the wind.
Now, trembling buds burst with green.
Now, a burst of orange, yellow, red.
Now, they just whisper.
Brothers of the boughs upon which they grew.

# # #

Falling Into Story

Sadie’s leaves

Before my daughter, Emily, mowed the yard she brought in a few small branches of colorful leaves to show us. Sadie, the four year old with generosity bubbling from her heart in the most interesting of places, pulled off two leaves and said, “Here, Mommy. I picked these just for you. I knew they were your favorites.”

She was right. All gifts from children are my favorites.

Pressed into a book

I promptly plucked the largest book from our shelves, grabbed paper to protect the pages, noted the giver and the date, and then

… thought about who would find these leaves and when … 

Not just any book

Well, that did it. A Begin Again story start was born.

There are SO many places to go with these pictures.

Your Turn
  1. Write a poem about Fall, leaves, small gifts from tender hands, smells this time of year, trying to identify smells this time of year.
  2. Write about any season other than the Fall and notice your emotional reaction. Do you keep coming back to this season? Do you have longings? Regrets? Anticipation? Give your feeling to a character who lives in south Florida. He (or she) has just learned of an inheritance from a cousin he/she hasn’t seen for twenty years. The inheritance is a certain piece of family land in Ohio, but there are memories from that place. Write a scene about it.
  3. Just some background information on the dictionary itself. It is copyrighted 1964. The guide words on these two pages run from guess to gumma. Write a flash fiction story (500 words or less) about finding these leaves in this book that takes place in October 2038. Use at least three of the following words in the story: Guess, guide, guillotine, guilty, gulch, gull, gum arabic. (Yes, these words fall between the guide words in the dictionary!)
  4. And for Christian Writers, one of the most important themes in our lives is the redemption of Christ’s blood for THE Fall. Use a passage like Romans 8:1-4. Pray. Then, write.

Then reply to this post, or email me at and let me know how the writing is going. I’d love to fall into story with you!

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