#FMF – Milestone

(#FiveMinuteFriday* – Milestone. 28.July.2023)

A five-minute milestone in the car while the man drives.

It’s just five minutes, but it’s been a lifetime since the last five minutes.

My brain rebels against the smallness of time. Not enough to develop a thought, much less a story.  Not enough if there is even a smidge of interruption.

“What are you writing?” the man asks and I shake my head.

The clock is ticking. I must write. I must not stop to answer. Even a head shake pushes the boundaries here.

“Musings?” he presses.

Still, I write.

“What does the word musings even mean? I use it and don’t know what it means,” he says.

Still, I write.

“Inspired contemplations,” he persists.

The car escapes down the road.

It’s a Ford. White. An Escape. Not in a metaphorical sense.

Truly. An Escape.

“A lot of people going to the lake,” he says.

Boats. Sea Doos. Stowed rods with fiberglass bend.

Still, I write.

I throw a stone at the mile marked.

It’s just five minutes.

It’s enough.


*Five Minute Friday is a one-word writing prompt supplied by Kate Motaung, a writer extraordinaire.  For more about Kate, visit her website HERE. more about Five Minute Friday, click HERE.

6 thoughts on “#FMF – Milestone

  1. Kym says:

    Honestly, I feel this. Sometimes it is so hard to get my thoughts to come together around the thing that I want to write, and it feels like a milestone when I can finally hit “publish” and hope it’s good enough. And I have similar conversations with my man too 😉 Thanks for sharing this moment in your day.

    1. Kristy Horine says:

      Thanks so much for reading my post. I’m not sure why I have so much resistance at times, but writing through it seemed to help in this case. Have a great day!

    1. Kristy Horine says:

      Indeed, Diana! I kept getting these FMF writing prompts and kept ignoring them. It’s a thirty minute trip to church, I figured I could use five of those minutes to write since I had a competent driver at the wheel 🙂 Thanks for reading and responding. Perhaps this milestone writing will get me out of this strange rut I’ve found myself in. Blessings, my friend.

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